Acai Slim Complex

The Acai Berry is one of best superfruits and there are any acai berry products that are good for weight loss. Ever since acai was rated the #1 Superfood by many sources, it's become the new "it" nutrient for super health. It boosts energy, enhances digestion, and harmonizes all your body's processes, making it easier than ever to stay healthy.

This product here called Acai Slim Complex by Botanic Choice has some very good reviews. It has many benefits and I found great coupons for it. By itself, acai gives you a host of fantastic benefits. But new Acai Slim Complex, exclusively from Botanic Choice, is even more powerful with the addition of three weight loss nutrients.

Below are the coupons for this product. If the link does not go directly to the product page, you can search for "Acai".

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Benefits of Acai Slim Complex

The benefits of Acai Slim Complex are:

  • Suppresses your appetite, especially for carbs and sugars so you feel satisfied
  • Jump starts your metabolism so you can burn more calories all day, every day
  • Cleanses your system so excess toxins, waste, and fat get flushed away
  • Skyrockets your energy - bound out of bed, hit the gym, and have energy left over!
  • Gives you will power to resist temptation and make good food choices

Other benefits

Besides the acai berry, some of the other nutrients that you will also get are:

  • Banaba Leaf Extract to support blood sugar levels already in the normal range. Why is that important? Because if your body's insulin levels are normal, you're able to quickly and efficiently utilize glucose (sugar) and carbohydrates to stay slim and trim.
  • Citrin because it inhibits fat, burns more calories and curbs cravings.
  • Advantra Z® citrus aurantium extract. You may have not heard of this patent-pending ingredient, but you will soon! This recent breakthrough stimulates thermogenesis (fat burning), balances mood, and boosts metabolism.

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An Excellent Scientific Paper on Gac

Gac plants, known scientifically as Momordica Cochinchinnensis Spreng, have simply not yet received the worldwide attention that they deserve. Known only to a very few scientists as one of the world's best natural sources of Beta Carotene and Lycopene, it stays too removed from the world stage to be tested properly... I'd imagine that they will find more wonders inside when they do so.

Until then, only one scientist has done any serious research on Gac, and we have the results for you here. Hailing from Vietnam herself, Thuy-Le Vong has a Ph.D in Nutrition from the University of California, and wrote the following paper in October 2003. Sadly, it hasn't been passed around enough since. I hope we can help her to that end.

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Interesting New Acai Product Out Today – Pure Acai Berry

I've never been a part of a "Product Launch" before, but today I guess I have officially earned my keep, thanks to all of the readers of this blog.

You may have noticed that I have never before endorsed any Acai Berry pills of any kind. 99 times out of a hundred, they all turned out to be a scam, signing people up to a credit card nightmare that they usually had to cancel their credit cards entirely to get out of. Sigh.

Since I've long warned people away from acai berry pills and supplements, the kind people at Pure Acai Berry, launching a totally new product for acai berry supplements today, actually took the time to send me a sample of their product and enlist my help to review it. So review it I shall, and you'll be very well rewarded for reading that review here below.
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