If you want to know more about what a gac fruit is, this video shows you some history of where gac fruit comes from and what it was used in the past and how it came about to be part of modern science and technology, particularly how it became a part of the G3 gac fruit juice by Pharmanex. People of Southern Asia throughout centuries have enjoyed the nourishment and health benefits that this magnificent fruit offers. They have celebrated good health and cure illnesses with this fruit.

Gac fruit is an amazing superfruit that is often found in certain parts of Southern Asia such as Vietnam. It rejuvenates and protects DNA against free radical damage as well as supports the immune system. In this video, it shows that gac fruit has 10 times more beta-Carotene than carrot (718 mcg/g in gac vs 76 mcg/g in carrot) and 70 times more Lycopene than tomato (2227 mcg/g in GAC vs 31 mcg/g in tomato). Gac fruit is also rich in lipid content among other nutrients.

What is G3 Gac fruit juice?

G3 Gac fruit juice is a  nutrient rich drink containing gac "superfruit" of southern Asia. The G3™ formula was developed with 3 additional very healthy fruits:

  • Chinese lycium,
  • Siberian pineapple, and
  • cili fruit.

All of these fruits together synergistically provide exponential health benefits. The G3 gac fruit juice has a refreshing flavor that is sweet but slightly tart. People who think that most gac fruit juices taste bad have been known to like the taste of G3 juice. G3 combines modern sciences with the ancient benefits of gac fruit to offer a product for healthy living in the 21st century. Scientist Dr. Le-Thuy Vuong, a native of Vietnam, has been working on combining modern science and technology with the remarkable nutrition of gac fruit.

Testimonials of people drinking G3 gac fruit drink

At the end of this video, there are testimonials of people who have been drinking the G3 gac fruit juice. One woman says that her eyes have significantly improved since she started drinking G3 juice. Others claim to drink the whole bottle in a day and many take a bottle hiking to give them energy.

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